Business English Training for Trainees


We have been preparing trainees for their future careers for over 16 years by creating tailor-made Business English training programs to meet their professional needs.



Depending on your requirements, this includes the following general training modules:


  • Telephoning
  • Email writing
  • Looking after visitors
  • Presentation skills
  • Intercultural competence


 and modules tailor-made to your company's business field:


  • English for the laboratory
  • English for Supply Chain Management
  • English for Customer Service


For some of our customers, we also organize and run an ‘Exchange’ program between companies for trainees. In the framework of this program, the trainees:


  • Organize and co-ordinate the whole day, including catering, visitor passes, rooms, etc.
  • Prepare their own individual presentations on a specific aspect of their company.

The exchange project is conducted completely in English, providing the trainees with a realistic situation to practise their acquired language skills.


Last but not least; all trainees take the University of Cambridge Business English Certificate (BEC), Vantage or Higher Level at the end of the training period.


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Did you know?

English is the medium for 80% of the information stored in the world's computers.