Business English for the Business World


In today’s global market place, being able to speak English is an essential skill to conduct day-to-day business effectively and successfully.



Built in to all our Business Communication Training is the improvement and development of existing language ability with the main goals being to increase:


  • overall language competence
  • the ability to express complex processes and situations competently and professionally
  • the effectiveness and accuracy of communication


Depending on your requirements, the training includes:


  • Telephoning and teleconferencing: based on input from the learners individualized role plays are developed
  • Email writing: focusing on the mails you actually write
  • Conducting and attending meetings: preparing for meetings, including how to express opinions in a professional and culturally appropriate manner
  • Looking after visitors: from welcoming your visitors to your premises to developing small talk over dinner
  • Attending trade fairs: from explaining your product to cultivating new contacts
  • General business English: to improve your confidence and overall language ability
  • Business specific English: revision of grammar structures and expansion of vocabulary specifically relating to your business field.



Did you know?

Approximately 3 million people are learning English in China.