Presentation Coaching      


The English Option has numerous years’ experience preparing presenters for that critical moment. Whether preparing for an important customer meeting, an internal presentation to colleagues or superiors or a conference, we can help you shine. 



Individual coaching – we accompany you along the path from initial concept to the performance to your presentation giving you support and assistance, placing our extensive experience at your disposal. Of course, video feedback is an important part of this training.


Depending on your requirements, coaching includes:


  • Audience analysis – knowing what your audience wants to know is the first key to success
  • Storyboarding – a technique to reduce preparation time
  • Structuring and planning – how to decide on the precise content
  • Slide design how to create conclusive and innovative visuals, not only in PowerPoint but also in Prezi
  • Language – developing a convincing dialogue with your audience
  • Delivery – pacing yourself and using your voice to support your presentation
  • Questions – techniques on dealing with questions confidently and effectively
  • Nerves – make your nerves work with you, not against you




Did you know?

75% of the world's journals and scientific periodicals are published in English.